Are you suffering from gout? If

Are you suffering from gout? If

Are you suffering from gout? If the answer is "yes", then this article will reveal valuable information to you so that you can get rid of this vulnerable disease.

Medication is the first thing to do when suffering from gout. However, alone medication cannot bring recovery in your condition, if your diet and lifestyle is not appropriate. Low purine diet (LPD) is the diet that gout patients are recommended to maintain. Over the years, medical science has shown that high purine foods become the main cause of gout attacks. The purine develops into uric acid when it is present in excessive amount.

Doctors give such medication which kills uric acid levels within the human body. In the same way, appropriate diet must be ensured to reduce purine intake so that lesser uric acid develops. Gout is 100% controllable with low purine diet.

Benefits of LPD

Low purine diet has several benefits attached to itself. It lowers the amount of uric acid in body which results in less production of crystals. In this way, LPD provides the simplest way to reduce chances of gout occurrence. LPD is more effective when consumed at the earliest. Along daily exercise, low purine diet can help in weight loss.

Tips on Low Purine Diet

  • Keep a control on your love for food as it can worsen your gout condition.
  • You have to leave quite a lot of favorite meals so be patient.
  • Seafood such as mackerel, sardines and mussels have high purine concentration. These should be avoided at any cost.
  • Steak, lobster and red meat should be strictly ignored.
  • Alcohol increases uric acid so its intake should be minimized.
  • Say "No" to high fat foods.
  • Vegetables such as cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, kale and asparagus are good when consumed in low quantity.
  • Bread, pasta and fruit juices are ideal low purine diet food items.

Consuming low purine diet is the first step to recovery when suffering from gout. By following the above mentioned tips you can decrease the effectiveness of gout to a great extent.